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100+ Web 2.0 Tools

Think BIG ... Start small


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Classroom Learning Tools

Digital Storytelling

Videos - watch this short video "A Brave New World-Wide-Web"

What is Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is a trend in the use of World Wide Web technology and web design that aims to facilitate creativity, information sharing, and, most notably, collaboration among users. 


Before you sign up for a bunch of Web2.0 Tools think about creating a new password that is secure (includes numbers and letters) if you are having trouble thinking of one try

Password Bird - this little app will help generate a password that is meaningful and secure!



Google Apps in the Classroom - Create a Google account and have easy access to the following tools & more: Get going with Google4u - Woopid - Video tutorials for gmail. gdocs, gspreadsheets.

  • Gmail - sign up for a Gmail account and keep all your spam away from your home/school email address
  • Google Calendar - share your calendar with other people
  • iGoogle - personalize your homepage and keep your online world all in one place. Watch this igoogle tutorial
  • Google Docs - create and revise docs with other people
  • Google Notebook - add text, images or weblinks and have access to it from any computer
  • Google Groups - create an online group with colleagues or friends
  • Google Sites - create a professional looking webpage easily
  • Google Sky - take a tour of the stars
  • Essays - Best and affordable way to help many student.

  Start by creating an email account that you can access anywhere, gmail, hotmail or other?? Create a new password 8 characters long that contains at least one number.


Content Mng Tools - Share life inside your classroom with parents, teachers and the community or use a Blog to create class projects and more.


Blog Gadgets

  • Studyio - create quizzes for your blog
  • ClusterMaps - find out where your blog visitors are from
  • Vodpod - collect all your favorite videos and share them on your blog
  • SnapVine - leave a voice comment on your blog


Social Bookmarking Tools


Create your own bookmarking account and share your bookmarks with other teachers. 


Photosharing Tools

How about adding photos or slideshow to your blog


Video Sharing Tools

  • Youtube  - search and view educational, tutorial videos or upload your own content
  • Dotsub - video sharing
  • Teachertube - video sharing
  • Catch the Video - save Youtube or other online videos to your computer
  • Self Cast - connect a webcam and broadcast yourself live over the Internet

Create a movie with Microsoft Movie Maker (available at school) and upload it to Youtube, Teacher Tube Dotsub


Audio - Podcasting Tools

  • Odeo - improve your French speaking skills by listening to French Language Podcasts or create your own. Subscribe to your favorite podcasts.
  • Gcast - create a podcast for free and embed it to your blog.
  • PodOmatic- create, find and share podcasts
  • Audacity - free download - Audio Editor and Recorder
  • Podcast Music - download music to jazz up your podcast
  • 10 Tips for creating successful audio podcasts 

You can create a classroom news podcast or get students to share current events and post the podcast to your blog

Screen Casting Tools

  • SMART Board Recorder - use the Sboard recorder to record a screencast ... share it by uploading it to youtube/teachertube. Watch the video tutorial to help you use the recorder.
  • Free Screen Cast  - must download the software
  • Jing - must download the software and the free account has limited space. View this Math Cast - Dan Schellenberg MCS
  • ScreenToaster - record your screen and post to the web in flash. It is still in Beta so you have to register for a key/code
  • FlowGram - add any type of web content and share with others

Presentation Sharing Tools


Real-Time Collaboration Tools: 

  • Vroom - 3 locations for free
  • Dimdim - free web meeting tool for up to 20 people, sharing audio, video and sharing a whiteboard
  • Ustream - Live Video streaming
  • collab.io - quickiest way to set up a collaborative workspace
  • Yugma - Desktop Sharing
  • EtherPad - realtime document collaboration - no sign up "invitations by email"
  • Writewith - online writing tool for groups


Communication Tools

  • Twitter  - micro blogging tools - connect with as many people as you like
  • Twitter4Teachers - check out this site if you want to start collaborating with teachers from all around the world
  • Twingr.com - Create your own microblogging community
  • SocialGo - closed or open group collaboration tool - with live chat and video
  • Ning - get more out of your NING account resource page
  • Facebook - if you don't have a facebook account try it out ... a great way to reconnect with old friends/co-workers
  • Skype - make calls from your computer - Free download
  • YackPack - instant communication in private chat groups or add the YackPack Walkie Talkie to your Blog
  • MeBeam - video chat for up to 18 people (headphones recommended) no registration required .. just set up a room
  • Lefora - create your own forum
  • ChatMaker - create your own chat room and invite people to join
  • Stinto - your chat ... one click away ... no registration required

You might use these some of these tools to connect with other professionals (I skyped a teacher in Moose Jaw to help her with a Smartboard issue)   


Digital Story Tools - More digital storytelling resources


Brainstorming Tools


Creativity Tools

  • GoAnimate - goanimate Demo
  • ReadwriteThink Comic Creator  - elementary
  • Make Beliefs Comix
  • PicTaps - single picture Animation, create your own character and tell a story. Very fun tool and no sign up!
  • Xtranormal - create text to speech movies, watch this demo  - the free version has some limits (takes a while to load so keep your script short) But it is fun!
  • Glogster -  create a Poster
  • Kerpoof  - a fun to use cartoon tools with stock shapes and character bubbles.


Drawing Tools


RSS - (Really Simple Syndication) - allows you to subscribe to websites/blogs/wikis

If you really want to learn more about web 2.0 tools start reading blogs or wikis, there is a wealth of information at your finger tips.



Curriculum Tools - More curriculum webtools


Timeline Creator Tools


Online Survey Tools

  • Fo.reca.st - design , collect and summarize and share survey results online
  • Survey Monkey  - tool for creating web surveys
  • Survey Gizmo  - check out the free option plan
  • Doodle - schedule an event and ask the partipants to make a choice
  • Ask500 -  public opinon tool


Search Tools

  • Searchme  - provides a visual search
  • NewsMap - one stop shopping for news/current evernts around the world


File sharing Tools


Managemement Tools


Interesting Tools 

  • Memiary - try this out as a reflective tool, record up to 5 memories a day
  • Lil' Grams (great tool to use if you have young children) 
  • Voki - create a talking Avatar for your blog
  • Zamzar - free online file converter tool
  • Recipe Matcher -type in the ingredients you have and recipe matcher will let you know what you can make
  • Yearbook Yourself - upload a photo of yourself and see how you would have looked from 1950 - 2000
  • Block Poster - create any size wall posters from any image
  • Postcard FM - send audio postcards to your friends




Contact Information: 

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Review the slideshow _ Think Big - Start Small



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